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HCP Pumps 50AFU4



International Standard design: water proof cable, autocut, dry-motor, silicon carbide, mechanical seal, high grade cast iron offering highest quality & performance.Superior abrasion resistant mechanical seal manufactured with silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.Full product range offers low to high head and flow capabilities, with compact and easy installation. Also available with TOS Guide Rail system, which also allows automatic remote connection and disconnection without entry to the sump being required.Non-clogging vortex impeller design on new AF model ensures no blockage when pumping solid laden liquids Applications: Drainage of waste water from a liberation tank, purifying tank and sewage tank in water treatment plant.Drainage of waste water and inclusion containing fibrous admixtures from leather factory, dyeing factory and food processing factory.Sewage management, accumulated water, septic tank, stock farm.Pumping sewage from single and multifamily dwellings.Pumping sewage from hotels, restaurants, schools and public buildings.


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