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HCP Pump F21PF-2



● A precision manufactured motor is achieved utilizing the highest standard of quality control. To ensure a 100% quality manufactured motor with stable characteristics and a highest efficiency. All rotor adopted heat treatment method for drive shaft assembling and stator winding impregnated with varnish and heat dried in industrial oven.
● HCP’s professional assembly line, complimented with a synthesized production test ensures the highest level of final pump quality.
● Standard accessories include : cable with an epoxy resin sealed water-resistant cable base, AC thermal motor protector, dual mechanical seal and lip seal design.
● U type Vortex impeller or P type cutter impeller design to handle any wastewater or sewage application with the best de-watering efficiency.
● Full product line range, providing the best service, with high impact resistance and light weight , for ease service and transportation.
● The F-05A is an extremely practical and low temperature oil filled motor and single seal design pump.


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